A solution to world hunger?

Hira Ratan Manek (or HRM, for short) claims to have been living off of only water and sunlight since 1995.  Originally from India, the man occasionally drinks coffee, tea, and buttermilk for social purposes, but otherwise his energy needs are met through a technique called sun gazing.  Sun Gazing involves a nine month period whereby one stares at the sun, usually barefoot, during the “safe zone” of one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset for a specific amount of time each day.  It apparently has a multitude of benefits that range from increased energy and better eyesight, to clearer thinking and curing all diseases.  After the nine month period, hunger disappears.  Your energy needs are met by walking barefoot in the sun for 45 minutes each day.

Examinations have been done on him by various universities and they’ve all said he’s very healthy, more so than most his age.  His pineal gland is actually growing, which is unusual for anyone over 50.  This is incredible.  The technique can be found here.  I think I’ll probably start the program in March.  I’m thinking I’ll continue to eat, I just want this to diminish my need to eat.  I think of the money I’ll save, the time I’ll save, the more energy I’ll have.  In the article I linked to, it says that photosynthesis isn’t specific to the plant kingdom; all beings use the sun for energy.  Ancient cultures such as the Mayans, Aztecs, Native American tribes, Egyptians, and practitioners of Tibetan and Indian yoga all engaged in sun gazing.

For those worrying about skin cancer, it’s said that if you eat an average diet/eat grains the toxins from those foods are excreted through your sweat glands and the sun mixing with those chemicals is what causes skin cancer.  This is interesting because Allan (one of my best friends and a native Brazilian) said that most of the Brazilians he knew never wore sunscreen because “it caused skin cancer.”  Also, the article says to take out contacts or take your glasses off because glare coming off the lenses can damage your eyes.

Imagine the implications of this.  If everyone could do this, there would be no food or hunger crisis.  Diseases would be eradicated amongst those who practice.  We’d live happier and healthier lives.

I’ll be doing more updates in March/throughout the spring and summer months to show progress and the like.

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