Photos courtesy of Australian Succulent Plants. (A facebook page for the book. Some very cool plants posted on there!)

Tecticornia bulbosa, formerly known as Halsosarcia bulbosa. Native to Western Australia, vulnerable to extinction.

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Yep, this is real.  The technology is called an “e-meter,” a device that uses a wheatstone bridge to detect the slightest change in electrical resistance.  By connecting two receivers, one to the root of the plant and the second to the leaf, to a voltage-controlled synthesizer, the plant’s “song” can be heard.  Other research has shown plants’ electrical currents change depending on emotions in the room, light source, and being watered.  

Members of the Federation of Damanhur want to go to the Amazon and create the first inter-species concert in history.  They want to raise awareness about plants and give them a newfound appreciation through education.

Personally, I believe there is much to learn from the plant kingdom.  Aboriginal peoples of the earth have known this for ages, but somewhere along the way, we lost this knowledge.  It’s time to move closer to nature - for we could not be farther away.

Many people know that the cannabis plant has amazing healing powers; however the same plant can literally “eat away” nuclear waste. From the flower’s ability to aid and keep people from going blind, to the woody core of the stem’s ability to build fire proof homes and much more. Now, we can add another use to the list: Marijuana as a tool to clean up nuclear contamination around Chernobyl.

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The article says that marijuana is one of the best crops for a method called phytoremediation, the general use of plants to clean up polluted areas.  These plants act as natural filters and traps that break down organic pollutants and stabilize metal contaminants.  

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states there are 30,000 sites that require hazardous waste treatment.  An easy solution seems to be to plant marijuana on/near these sites that require treatment.  The plants will help filter out the contaminants with minimal environmental disturbance, recycling metal-rich biomass, and at a lower cost than other remediation efforts.  Then, you can use the plants to create a product that you can sell (or soon, hopefully, trade/barter) to other people!

This plant is basically god’s gift to Earth and it’s a Schedule 1 drug in the United States.  If anything, we should rebelling simply because we’re being denied one of the healthiest foods (hemp seeds contain every essential protein your body needs), most versatile crops (can create everything from clothing to paper to furniture), and now one of the leading ways to fight nuclear radiation.

Time to wake up.

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